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Azure App Service Introduction Series – Introduction

App Services are a set of platform as a service (PaaS) services that hide the complexity of building applications on Azure and allow you to focus on the business and delivering quick results. This is another step in the enhancement of PaaS offerings which started way back with cloud services and web and worker roles.

App Services consist of various services (which is being updated, such as Functions which extended the original App Services): Continue reading


Hybridizing BizTalk Projects with Azure BizTalk Services – Part1

Azure BizTalk Services

Windows Azure BizTalk Services provides integration capabilities for the Windows Azure Platform, to extend on-premises applications to the cloud.
It provides common integration capabilities such as bridges, transforms, and B2B messaging on windows azure.
So this means, that now we can build our business process using a hybrid model, where part of this process continues to be running on the on-premise BizTalk Server, while the other part can be running on Azure.
Of course – at least at this stage – do not think of BizTalk Services as BizTalk Server on the cloud.
While BizTalk Services provide certain integration services, its still in its early stages. BizTalk Server on the other hand is a complete integration platform.

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